Learning without holy living, makes the person proud and arrogant; holy living without learning is good for nothing.

-St. John XXIII

Thesis Writing


A student (in both Divinity and Non-divinity Track) who wants to pursue a thesis track, either as M.A. in Theology or as M.A. in Pastoral Ministry, should start right away to look for a suitable topic of his/ her thesis as well as find a mentor who is a faculty member of SJVTS willing to guide him/her in the thesis writing.  One would expect that such a topic would naturally evolve out of the student’s course work and discussion with his/her mentor.


Under the guidance of a mentor approved by the Academic Dean, the M.A. student writes a thesis proposal. The proposal should present and contain the following: [1] The title of the thesis; [2] Rationale, [3] Statement of the Problem, [4] Scope and Limitations of the Study, [5] Method of Investigation, [6] Overview of the Chapters, and [7] Review of Related Literature.