Learning without holy living, makes the person proud and arrogant; holy living without learning is good for nothing.

-St. John XXIII

Civil Degrees

By the authority granted by the CHED, SJVTS offers 4 kinds of civil degrees: Master in Pastoral Ministry   (non-thesis program), Master in Theology (non-thesis program), Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (thesis program), and Master of Arts in   Theology (thesis program).  The subjects taken in the seminary course may be applied to any of these degrees. These civil degrees are offered to both divinity and non-divinity (or GTP) students.


Thus, SJVTS offers the following eight
masters’ program:

  • M.A. in Theology—Divinity Track.
  • M.A. in Theology—Nondivinity Track.
  • M.A. in Pastoral Ministry—Divinity Track.
  • M.A. in Pastoral Ministry—Nondivinity Track.
  • Master in Pastoral Ministry—Divinity Track.
  • Master in Pastoral Ministry—Nondivinity Track.
  • Master in Theology—Nondivinity Track.
  • Master in Theology—Divinity Track.

Each graduate student should have a program plan based on major courses to be taken and should be reflected in his or her transcript of records.

All masters’ programs require a total of, at least, 45 units.

For a non-thesis program, the distribution of the minimum required units is as follows:
  1. core courses (at least 15 units);
  2. major courses(at least 18 units); 
  3. elective courses (at least 6 units);
  4. practicum (6 units); and auxiliary course (comprehensive examination). 
For a thesis program, the distribution of the minimum required units is as follows:
  1. basic courses (6 units);
  2. core courses (at least 9 units);
  3.  major courses (at least 18 units); 
  4. elective courses (at least 6 units); 
  5. auxiliary course (comprehensive exam); and
  6. thesis writing and defense (6 units).  

The topic of the candidate’s M.A. thesis determines whether one is graduating as M.A. in Theology
or as M.A. in Pastoral Ministry. 


For an M.A. student who is enrolled in thesis writing, CHED gives a maximum of 3 years to finish it; otherwise he or she has to take additional refresher courses.