Learning without holy living, makes the person proud and arrogant; holy living without learning is good for nothing.

-St. John XXIII

Admission and Registration


Candidates seeking admission to the seminary course or Divinity Program1 must have completed a government-recognized bachelor’s degree with at least two years of “studies of philosophy and kindred subject,” and twelve (12) units of undergraduate theology. They must pass the entrance tests and interviews given by SJVTS. They must also be recommended by their College-Seminary Rectors, and approved by their Bishops.  Applicants for Graduate Theology Program (GTP), which is a non-divinity program, must have a government-recognized (civil) bachelor’s degree, with at least twelve (12) units of theology/religious studies and nine (9) units of philosophy.

They are required to take IQ tests (both Otis and Raven), to write an essay on a certain topic, and to submit their Transcript of Records.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED)     requires that those who are admitted to the master’s degree program must have a general average of 86 or B or its equivalent. An applicant who does not meet this required grade may be admitted on a probationary status.

In compliance with the CHED policy, a student will only be admitted to a graduate status after    completing eighteen (18) units at the master’s level.

In admitting transferees, SJVTS complies with the CHED residence policy of at least two (2)           consecutive semesters or the equivalent of eighteen (18) units, excluding master’s thesis.


The first year seminarians of SJVTS are required upon registration to submit the following:  [1]   Honorable Dismissal and Transfer Credential from previous school; [2] Official Transcript of Records addressed to SJVTS; [3] Two 2x2-inch photos of the student; [4] Baptismal Certificate, and [5] Recommendation by the Parish Priest. Matriculation, Library, Textbook and Class Notes fees must be paid upon registration.

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